The Real Deal: How to connect graduates with college scholarships

It’s an exciting time with kids graduating, but a scary time when it comes to the cost of college.
News 12’s Kristy Reeter shows you how some students are getting thousands of dollars in scholarships.
Jennifer Finetti, director of Student Advocacy at Scholarship Owl, says the website offers thousands in scholarships.
"I would say most of the year we have at least $800,000 in scholarships available in any given month," says Finetti.
Scholarship Owl connects people to money and it is an education tech platform that helps students find scholarships.
“I can certainly tell you that students have won scholarship ranging from just a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars," says Finetti.
So what does the website cost? There are different options from $20 a month, $45 for three months and six months for $60. However, there is a free seven day trial.
“Apply for as many scholarships as you can during those first seven days. There are some students who have won scholarships while in their free trial with us and I know of many students who have won within the first 60 days of joining,” says Finetti.
Many college students are searching for help with the cost of college on the rise.
Caleb Silver of Investopedia pulled the numbers for New York.
"In the state of New York, if you are looking for a private university like an NYU, the average tuition is $42,631 plus another $15,792 for room and board that will cost more than $58,000 on average. A public university for in state, like the University of Buffalo, costs around $8,416 plus another $15,800 in room and board so that will cost you more than $24,000 for instate residents," says Silver.