The Real Deal: Hacks for cleaning the grill with common household items

It's finally grilling season but getting the barbecue in shape is no easy task.
News 12’s Consumer Reporter Janice Lieberman has The Real Deal on how to make the job easier.
There are some hacks to make cleaning the grill easier with items you already have at home.

Some tips:

Cut an onion in half and move it across the grates – the juices should release the grime.
Pour a beer across the grill, then take a scrub brush to take off the grease.
Use a little vinegar and water and wipe it on the outside of the grill. It will leave it shiny!
Brew a pot of coffee – have a cup but use the rest to soak grill grates and utensils in for an hour. The acid from the coffee will degrease the grill.