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The Real Deal: Considering solar in Connecticut? Electric bills are up over 30%.

The average Connecticut household is now paying around $208 a month for electricity.

Jay Lederman and Alexa Farrell

Apr 28, 2023, 10:54 AM

Updated 417 days ago


April is Earth Month and as electric bills continue to climb across Connecticut, and the nation, many people are looking toward renewable energy.
'Invest in our planet' is the theme of Earth Day 2023, and investing in renewable energy might actually save you money.
Right now people are paying even more money each month when their electric bill comes in Connecticut.
"Electricity prices are one aspect of inflation that just keeps going up month after month. Prices went up 32% in just the past 3 years in the state of Connecticut - the average Connecticut household is now paying around $208 a month for electricity that's up from $154 back in 2020," Caleb Silver with Investopedia says.
Silver says renewables like solar could be a solution to help you lower your electricity bill just installing a 1/6th kilowatt solar system in your household could save you up to 60% of electricity costs year after year.
And Connecticut is a good place to be when it comes to saving on your taxes with this investment. And the state of Connecticut has some handsome tax incentives for people using renewable energy.
If you are considering going solar - the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection has some suggestions on how to go about it
They recommend first finding a contractor, understanding your finances, planning with an engineer, and getting a permit, then have your panels connected and start saving.

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