The New Normal: Symptoms to look out for if you have received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine

On this week's New Normal, all eyes are on Tuesday's announcement by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration about pausing the vaccine due to six severe, but rare, blood clotting issues.
Dr. Anthony Fauci says if you got the shot more than a month ago, you really don't have to worry. He says anyone who might show symptoms would be someone who got the shot 6-13 days ago.
Some of the symptoms of blood clots include leg swelling, chest pain and unusual headaches. However, most doctors say there really is no reason to worry.
Dr. David Regelmann, of Hartford Health Care St. Vincent's Medical Center says the pause is truly being taken out of an overabundance of caution. Regelmann says if you are past the 6-13 day window then you will be fine.
Regelmann says one concern is that the pause will cause vaccine hesitancy. He maintains that the best fight against COVID-19 is getting vaccinated.
The Johnson & Johnson pause also draws attention to what the impact will be for the plan to get all college students vaccinated.
SUNY Chancellor James Malatras says the campuses have been vaccinating students already but now they will pause the use of Johnson & Johnson. He says the pause is just another "COVID curveball."
Malatras says the mission to get all the students vaccinated will continue with a switch to Pfizer and Moderna.
New York state gave the green light to schools to hold graduations once again.
Malatras says this is so great for the students and their families. He says this guidance goes a long way.