The Download: Millo and BlendJet blenders

Smoothies and blended drinks are quite popular. But did you ever think a blender could be high-tech? News 12's gadget guru Andrew Ehinger shows us a couple in this week's The Download!
The Millo blender uses a powerful brushless motor similar to ones found on drones. The blender vessel attaches to the motor with powerful magnets adding to its safety and coolness factor. And yes - its got a smartphone app.
If you don't want to pull out the big blender every day, check out the tiny, but high-tech powerhouse from BlendJet. The tiny battery-powered blender holds just enough for that perfect coffee drink, margarita or smoothie while on the go, or even camping. You can get about 10-15 blends on one charge.
The Millo blender is expected out later this year in the United States. You can get your hands on the BlendJet now for $50.