Take a deep breath and relax at a Himalayan salt cave in Poughkeepsie

Take a deep breath and relax because we’re taking you to a unique place in Poughkeepsie just for that! 
This week’s Road Trip: Close To Home visits the Hudson Valley Healing Center, which is home to one of the region’s only Himalayan salt caves.
The cave is made up of 13 tons of pink Himalayan salt - from the floors, wall, ceiling, and even in the air. “We pump a medical grade salt in there during your experience…Salt is naturally anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral [and] antifungal,” says manager Elisa Gwilliam.
Each session is 45 minutes, so take a seat, sit back, and set your mind free. 
The session will you have so relaxed, it will put you in the perfect mood to enjoy this beautiful spring weather. And the place to do that is to catch the 360-view of the Hudson Highlands and the Catskills on the “Walkway Over the Hudson.”
The bridge spans for just over a mile. So take a walk, a bike, or your furry friend and enjoy the views 200 feet above the river! 
All this adventure calls for some good eats. Just two miles from the Walkway Over the Hudson is Shadows on the Hudson, where you can dive into delicious meals ranging from seafood to steak. This restaurant’s beautiful backdrop sets the scene for the end to a perfect Road Trip: Close to Home.