Syracuse University shaken by racist manifesto, series of hateful incidents

A rash of racist incidents and hate crimes have been reported over the last two weeks at Syracuse University.
Earlier this week, a racist manifesto was AirDropped to students studying in a library and was posted on a Greek life forum. The manifesto, entitled “The Great Replacement,” says white populations are being overrun by minorities and calls for “the myth of the melting pot” to end.
It comes on the heels of other incidents, including a black student being called a racial slur by fraternity members, dorm halls being vandalized with slurs against black and Asian students, swastikas sketched in snow, and a hurtful email sent to a Mexican and Jewish faculty member.
Giselle Bookal, of New Rochelle, is a senior at Syracuse. She says students are holding sit-ins on campus to call on the administration to act. She says others are so concerned that they have left campus.
"It's been very distressing,” she told News 12. “I've been talking to a lot of friends whose parents are imploring them…[to] come home."
In response to their concerns, the Syracuse administration has agreed to a series of actions to address diversity and safety issues on campus.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo has also weighed in, saying the incidents have not been handled well.