SUNY Purchase administrators monitor campus following encampment arrests

A News 12 crew observed some police officers on campus as well as a small gathering of students.

News 12 Staff

May 4, 2024, 12:45 AM

Updated 26 days ago


Administration and university police monitored the campus at SUNY Purchase Friday night after 70 students were arrested at a pro-Palestinian encampment the night before.
A News 12 crew observed some police officers on campus as well as a large gathering of students.
Students marched through campus, chanting phrases to the extent of "the more you threaten us, the more we'll protest."
Faculty was present Thursday night and they say they wrote a letter to president condemming what they say was a disproportiante response to the protest.
Some students told News 12 they were being quiet, but the situation became tense once police arrived.
Police broke up the encampment and arrested people.
Protesters say police had batons.
News 12 was told the protesters were not allowed to demonstrate during quiet hours and that is why the police were called in.
College officials say there could be more charges coming for some of the protesters.
News 12 tried to track down Jewish students for comment on the latest demonstration. As News 12 reported, some Jewish students said they don't feel comfortable on the campus. Some have returned home and because of that, some are thinking they might have to transfer to other schools.

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