Stumble on Bumble: Man allegedly brags about storming Capitol, dating site match contacts FBI

Federal prosecutors say a Hudson Valley man bragged on a dating app that he stormed the U.S. Capitol back on Jan 6 - and that message is part of the reason he was arrested.
They say Robert Chapman sent messages to someone he was texting with on the popular dating app Bumble that said, "I did storm the Capitol" and "I made it all the way into Statuary Hall!"
That person took a screenshot and contacted the FBI.
News 12 obtained court documents, where federal prosecutors show a roadmap of how the tip led the FBI to Robert's Bumble photo.
They compared it to screenshots of body camera footage inside the Capitol that they say matched a 2017 mugshot of Robert Chapman, who lives in Carmel.
The FBI found the Facebook page for a "Robert Erick." Prosecutors say it's the same person in those body camera images. Then there was a post about being inside the Capitol.
The FBI says Robert Erick and Robert Chapman are the same.
A man on Mile Square Road in Yonkers where Chapman used to live told News 12 he was shocked to see the photo is of his former neighbor.
After Chapman allegedly spilled the beans on Bumble about his crimes, the suitor responded they were not a match.
Chapman faces charges of disorderly conduct at the Capitol and entering a restricted building without authority.
News 12 reached out to Chapman's lawyer, but he did not respond.
By News 12's count, there are more than a dozen people from the Hudson Valley who've been arrested for their alleged roles in the Capitol riots.