Study: Dementia patients twice as likely to contract COVID-19

Those with dementia are twice as likely to contract COVID-19, according to a study released by the Alzheimer’s Association.
The data also shows that they are more likely to be hospitalized or to die from the virus.
Researchers at Case Western University and Tetra Therapeutics looked at nearly 62 million health records from hospitals and providers across the country. After adjusting for other factors like old age, obesity, asthma, heart disease or living in a nursing home – people with dementia were still twice as likely to fall victim to the pandemic.
Black people with dementia were also twice as likely than Caucasians.
The risk of hospitalization for people with dementia was more than double that of people without it. Dementia patients were also more than four times as likely to die.
Researchers say those with dementia are more likely not to comply with health officials’ recommendations due to their impaired memory limitations.
They say prior research also indicates the breakdown of dementia patients' blood-brain barrier makes them more susceptible to bacterial and viral infections.