Station ambassadors disinfect Metro-North stations, distribute masks

With New York City entering phase four reopening, more Hudson Valley residents will be called back into Manhattan for work.
Many of those commuters will be taking the trains into the city, and the MTA is making the ride more safe.
Station ambassadors have been designated at 28 stations across the Metro-North system, and their job is to keep everything clean.
In March, the MTA closed all ticket windows due to the coronavirus and instead of allowing all those ticket agents to go without work, they created station ambassadors temporary jobs.
Station ambassadors constantly disinfect key touch points, including doorknobs, handrails, and elevator buttons. This allows Metro-North to make sure surfaces are cleaned more frequently.
Ambassadors are required to wear masks, and hand them out to customers as well because masks are required to ride.
Jeff Fleming, a 31-year veteran of Metro-North, was normally a ticket agent but now in charge of protecting your health at the Scarsdale station.
"A lot of people are happy that I'm back here because I've had a lot of customers here. I used to work here. A lot of people are happy that I'm back, but I've been working at this station off-and-on for 31 years so it's like a second home to me," says Fleming.
Riders who spoke to News 12 say the cleaning helps them feel safer. "Somewhat better, but I still think that the responsibility falls on us individually to kind of police our own areas as best we can," says Jeffrey Singer, of Scarsdale.
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