State Senate passes Hospital Transparency Act focused on reproductive rights

State Sen. Michelle Hinchey's Hospital Transparency Act, centering on reproductive rights, has successfully passed the Senate.
This milestone is part of the Reproductive Rights and Maternal Health package, commemorating the 51st anniversary of Roe v. Wade.
Sen. Hinchey (D-41st District) emphasizes the importance for New Yorkers to be informed about available health care services at local hospitals.
“New Yorkers need to know what health care services are available at their local hospital...and whether essential services like reproductive care have been removed," says Hinchey.
The Hospital Transparency Act mandates that the state Department of Health collect and publish exclusions of health care services from hospitals on its website. Additionally, hospitals are required to disclose these exclusions as part of their patients' bill of rights.
Hinchey expresses hope that the bill will bring to light the impact of these changes on communities throughout the region.