State ban on e-cigarettes in public places set to take effect

A state law banning the use of e-cigarettes in public places is set to go into effect on Wednesday.
It bans vaping in places like restaurants, bars and malls. State Sen. David Carlucci is a co-sponsor of the bill, signed into law last month by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.
"You've got to really treat it as regular cigarettes," Carlucci says. "It's a nicotine delivery device."
The American Vaping Association released a statement against the ban.
"The scientific evidence continues to show that vapor products do not post risks to bystanders," the statement reads. "Adult smokers in New York should not be misled to believe that these smoke free products are equally as harmful as smoking."
But even some smokers like Sharleen Michaels applaud the ban.
"If my children were inside, I would not want them around that," she says.
Neal Alpuche, owner of the Brazen Fox restaurant in White Plains, says he is also in favor of the law, adding that vapors from e-cigarettes can disturb more than customers by setting of a fire alarm.