St. Patrick’s Day shines optimism for McLean Avenue businesses

Last year, St. Patrick's Day saw the height of shutdowns and the rapid spread of COVID-19, but this year there was a little more optimism in the Hudson Valley.
At McLean Avenue Bagel Cafe, workers came in hours early to start baking soda bread. 
“Last year, with the start of COVID it was hard with all the rules and regulations, we only had ‘to goes.’ This year, it starts to open up a little better. People are coming in, we’re seeing more faces, more faces that were coming in before but weren’t coming in. So, people are coming in a lot more, it’s getting a lot more business…we’re hoping to triple business,” said manager Missy.
Across the street is the Irish Coffee Shop, where owners tells News 12 their baked goods sold out just as the sun rose this morning.
Customers said the mood was much more festive this year. "Last year was [a] very difficult year. Everything was shutting down at this time, and there really weren't any parades, dances or anything like that.. there aren't this year, but it's St. Patrick's Day and that's in your heart," says Eileen Camerino, of Yonkers.