SPCA Westchester welcomes dogs rescued from South Korean meat farm

Two pups now have bright futures after being rescued from a meat farm in South Korea.
Pablo and Parker arrived at SPCA Westchester's rescue center Wednesday morning.
"I am really impressed with how, just in a few hours, how well they are doing. I have a lot of hope they are going to great family dogs," said Lisa Bonnano, director of development at SPCA Westchester.
Bonnano said the Labrador mixes, who are both just over a year old, were among dozens of dogs rescued by Humane Society International.
The dogs were found in feces covered cages and were slated to be slaughtered for meat.
Right now, South Korea is undergoing a massive cultural change. Earlier this month, the South Korean Parliament passed a bill to ban the breeding and slaughter of dogs for human consumption. The legislation is awaiting the approval of the country's president, who is a pet parent himself.
"These are companion animals that are meant to be companion animals that want to be in a home," said Bonnano. "Hopefully, this will be outlawed internationally."
Parker and Pablo will be available for adoption in about two weeks.