South Blooming Grove residents frustrated by $309 tax bills for extra garbage pickup

There’s a lot of changes in the Village of South Blooming Grove these days. That includes a $309 tax bill for a second garbage pickup that some residents say they just received this month for services last year.
News 12 first reported on the new service in 2023 when Mayor George Kalaj said that the village hired Mirangi for the add-on service at some taxpayers’ requests.
But not everyone wants a second pickup, and some people are reaching out to News 12 with concerns. One upset homeowner sent News 12 a copy of their bill but said they’re too afraid to go on camera. Another resident in Rolling Hills Condominiums said by phone that his complex already gets two pickups under an agreement with their homeowner’s association and says they shouldn’t have to pay the bill.
News 12 went to the village on Monday to check in with other residents. One man said he has yet to receive a bill and doesn’t get a second pickup.
“We did not receive anything yet. We get one on Monday mornings,” says Jim Bisacca, a village resident for 50 years.
Sen. James Skoufis sent a letter to the state comptroller last year about the contract, alleging the multiyear deal is for $1.1 million and claiming it was never bid on, as required by state law.
News 12 reached out to the comptroller’s office, South Blooming Grove and Mirangi to ask them about it but haven’t heard back.
Residents have paid for garbage services in their town tax bills for years and some say they’re frustrated by what’s going on.
Last year, some residents shared bills for the add-on service that was included with their water bill.
“Lots of concerns in the community. Nobody cares about nothing. It’s a disgrace to New York state,” says Bisacca.
News 12 put in a request for information about the contract to South Blooming Grove on Monday under the Freedom of Information Act.
Town of Blooming Grove Supervisor Robert Jeroloman says the town is aware of concerns but that it is not involved in any village tax levy for services to residents.