Source: Rockland County teacher accused of posting racial comment on social media page

A source confirms to News 12 that a teacher who works with students with special needs in the East Ramapo school district posted a racially offensive comment on her personal Facebook page.
The teacher, Cira Willson, works in a district where the student population is more than 60% Hispanic or Latino.
When a friend asked Willson if she was a Republican on a Facebook post, she allegedly replied, "Hell to the yes! Why would I want to pay for immigrants that are trying to rape my daughters and take my husband's job?"
Willson also allegedly wrote a post with the hashtag "now take down those swamp donkeys."
News 12 went to Willson's home Wednesday to give her a chance to comment and clarify what she meant by "take down."
She chose not to speak, and did not answer an additional door ring, email or Facebook message.
Two days after reaching out to the school district for comment, the East Ramapo Schools superintendent sent News 12 a statement saying in part, "Personnel matters limit our ability to specifically publicly comment."
The district says it is "committed to maintaining equitable access to high-quality programs and services in an educational environment that is free from bias, fully-inclusive and supportive of all."
The East Ramapo school district has not made it clear what any possible next steps could be.