Somers teen breaks boundaries with one karate kick at a time

A Somers teen is breaking boundaries along with inspiring others with one karate move at a time.
Sierra Deodhari, 13, is the first woman of color to win in the USA Team Trials and the National Karate Championships at her age.
She started karate at 3 years old following a non-traditional course.
Sierra attended her own dojo, the basement in her house.
She trains six days a week and Zooms with her sensei in Dominican Republic.
Since she learned karate in an unconventional way, she says anyone can practice and train anywhere and everywhere and still make it to the top. 
"Stay in the game, and never give up and never let anyone tell you that you can't achieve your goals and just keep working hard," she says.
Sierra will compete in the Youth World Karate Championships in October.