Somers Central School District parents demand answers following 3 accidental lockdowns

Two of them happened this week at the middle school.

Emily Young

Dec 21, 2023, 10:46 PM

Updated 204 days ago


Parents in the Somers Central School District are demanding answers about three recent accidental lockdowns in the district.
Two of them happened this week at the middle school.
There was also one two weeks ago at the high school - on the anniversary of the Sandy Hook mass school shooting.
"Our kids shouldn't have to go through it, the school, the teachers, the law enforcement shouldn't have to go through it. Fix the problem," said Somers parent Paul Hochman.
Hochman has two kids in the high school and found out about the lockdown from texts from his children.
"When any parent receives a text from their child that SWAT is in the building with machine guns, it's going to set off alarms or even more devastating, the simple three words, 'I love you.'"
The district clarified that SWAT was not​ on the scene, but officers did come to sweep the scene, as it is standard protocol.
Hochman says false alarm or not, the end result is the same: the students are terrified and parents are anxious about the future.
On Thursday, the district took accountability.
"I'm certainly sorry that this happened to our children and faculty and staff and the entire community. It is absolutely unacceptable," said Superintendent Dr. Raymond Blanch.
He says these lockdowns were triggered by human error, but they are working to ensure this does not happen again.
"Moving forward, we really have two things we're looking at, we have a safety and security team that is looking at currently what's the best steps to move forward so this is less likely to happen," said Dr. Blanch.
They also plan to change how the alarm is triggered.

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