National Weather Service confirms tornado struck Dutchess County during Wednesday's storms

The National Weather Service has confirmed that an EF-1 tornado touched down in Dutchess County Wednesday afternoon.
The tornado was reported in Amenia at around 2:49 p.m.
The National Weather Service also reported another tornado at the same time in Litchfield County, Connecticut.
A major burst of Wednesday's storms cut right between homes in Hopewell Junction, splitting trees and tearing down powerlines in a matter of minutes.
It was strong enough to even knock one man to the ground.
The area was under a tornado warning, and viewer video shows a funnel clouds spinning right in the area.
"I looked out through the side.. Saw that 2x4 right there coming towards me and I ran to the basement," said Patrick Weber, of Amenia.
That piece of wood is still in the second floor of Weber's Amenia home a day after Mother Nature tore through his neighborhood on Powder House Road.
"I like to think I'm a tough guy.. But that scared me...It was like being stuck on the tracks and a train coming towards you, and you can imagine that sound. That's what it sounded like," he says.
Weber's neighbor, Ray Wheeler, wasn't around when the storm hit, but says he can only imagine how it was since he now doesn't have a roof over his head.
"It was gone. It was gone. But it had to have been terrible," he says.
A piece of his roof landed outside of a bed and breakfast nearly a half mile away.
Hundreds of homes in Dutchess County were without power after the storms, but utility crews worked all night and now only report scattered outages.