Social media plays role in case against Dutchess County man accused in Capitol riot

Social media played a role in federal investigators' case against a Dutchess County man allegedly involved in the Capitol insurrection.
Federal investigators say that William Vogel, who lives in Holmes, a small hamlet in Pawling in Dutchess County, allegedly took part in the Capitol siege earlier this month.
Their evidence was Vogel's Snapchat videos from that day, which were sent to the FBI by people who knew him.
Others identified him in News 12's coverage.
News 12 attempted to contact Vogel to no avail.
The videos do not appear to show him acting aggressively but do appear to show him inside the Capitol.
Tipsters have also told investigators they are "100% sure" that it's his voice in the background - leaving him facing multiple charges including entering a restricted building.
Vogel was arrested and released Tuesday.
Reports say he's set to appear in court Feb. 2 in Washington, D.C.