Small businesses struggle financially as they wait on payroll protection program loans

The COVID-19 outbreak has had a dramatic impact on small businesses across the Hudson Valley and around the nation.
Many have been forced to shut down and are still waiting on loans from the the government that haven't yet come through.
Business at Brian Cardone’s Mamaroneck-based porcelain distribution Arquitex was booming two months ago. When COVID-19 surfaced in New York, he had to shut down and lay off 17 employees.
"The hardest part is watching people that had a job that are confused right now. They’re frustrated, they’re hurting," he says.
Many small businesses in Mamaroneck and across the state were put on pause until the spread of the coronavirus was under control, but their patience is wearing thin.
Cardone applied applied for the government stimulus loan for small businesses to help them get by, but the payroll protection program ran out of money last week.
Lawmakers are debating adding more to to pot, but small businesses are left in limbo until they do.
"They are going to put us out of business unless they find the PPP," says Cardone. "They let it run out. There should never be a runout. People should get what they need to keep their employees on."
Cardone was so frustrated that he created a sign and left it outside his business. He lashed out at Chase Bank and the government for failing the people.
"All of government forgets that the little businesses support 50% of the economy," he says.
He’s hoping lawmakers will do the right thing and come to the rescue.
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