Small act of kindness by Yonkers man turns into internet sensation

A small act of kindness by a Yonkers man is making big waves on social media.
After a year of nurses and doctors being on the front line of this pandemic, 26-year-old Danny Hoffer wanted to show a sign of appreciation.
On an Instagram video, he asked his followers to tag a front-line worker, and he would Venmo them $5 out of his own pocket.
What happened next was amazing. His community collectively donated over a $1,000 to him to put toward the project. "There's people that are risking their lives every day, just going out there to make sure that us, the people of this community, are safe. So a little $5 donation, if that can put a smile on someone's face, that's good for me."
Hoffer, who comes from a family of nurses, has sent money to 112 front-line workers so far.
And with the remaining money, he plans to deliver catered food to local hospitals.