Siena poll shows majority of New Yorkers support Cuomo staying in office

A new Siena Poll shows a majority of New Yorkers support Gov. Andrew Cuomo staying in office, despite multiple ongoing investigations.
The poll shows New Yorkers believe he can still lead the state:
- 50% of voters say Cuomo should not resign compared to 35% that say he should
- 48% of voters say he can continue to effectively do his job compared to 34% saying he can't
- One-third say he's committed sexual harassment
Over the weekend, Cuomo reiterated that he is not resigning and that he will let the investigations play out.
He also denounced the politicians calling for him to step down, saying it's "reckless."
One of those lawmakers is Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, who responded Monday evening.
"The Governor should have his day in court and there should be due process and it should be fair. But it doesn't mean we can't make a judgment about it. And it doesn't mean you can't, you can't say his effectiveness has been destroyed," he said.
Another interesting number in the poll is that only one-third of voters say they support the governor running for a fourth term in 2022 - something he has not publicly committed to yet.