Overnight drive-by shooting in Monroe narrowly misses couple sleeping

An overnight drive-by shooting in the Village of Monroe hit several homes - and just missed two people sleeping in their bed. 
The gunfire shot through the window of a residence on Barnett Road West and hit the homeowner’s ceiling fan above where she and her husband slept. 
“I was in my bed sleeping. We heard three bangs. I ran out of my bedroom and called 911,” said the woman, who asked not to be identified. 
Village police say shots rang out in front of several homes and struck two residences Wednesday night around 10:30 p.m. 
No one was hurt by the gunfire but neighbors say they’re shaken up by the close call. 
“We are terrified. Last night, we didn’t sleep in our bedrooms. We had glass all over my bed, my pillow case, everything,” said the woman whose home was hit. 
News 12 saw police going door-to-door Thursday morning and heard them asking neighbors if they saw anything or have surveillance video.  
“I was lying in bed and I heard four sounds,” says Dakota Vanalphen. “I thought they were fireworks. Fifteen minutes later there’s lights flashing through my windows.” 
News 12 viewers sent video of the scene from overnight that shows a large police presence and vehicles with flashing lights. 
Police haven’t said who, if anyone, was the target of the shooting but several neighbors say they believe it has something to do with a known drug hot-spot nearby. 
“I’m afraid of retaliation because now we’re involved,” the woman who spoke to News 12 anonymously says. 
Authorities say they have been called to a neighborhood residence several times but denied it was for drug complaints, and wouldn’t say if there’s any connection to the shooting. 
Police say multiple shell casings were found on the road after the shooting.