Law enforcement officials remind public of safety measures for online marketplace purchases

Before you meet anyone to buy or sell something, call your local police department to see if they have an exchange area.

News 12 Staff

Feb 7, 2023, 5:18 PM

Updated 476 days ago


Local law enforcement officials are reminding people of the safety measures they can take when making purchases on online marketplaces.

It comes on the heels of police arresting 38-year-old Randy Jones in the shooting an off-duty NYPD officer in Brooklyn Saturday during an in-person Facebook marketplace sale.
The Rockland County Sheriff's Office has designated parking spots for those types of exchanges outside its New City building, aimed at keeping buyers and sellers safe.
"It's open to the people of the county of Rockland. And I've also had people come here from Pennsylvania, from Long Island, meeting people here in order to do the transaction," says Rockland County Sheriff Louis Falco. 
Since Sheriff Louis Falco started the safety initiative five years ago, he says there have been no issues or incidents there.
Every interaction is under 24/7 video surveillance by three cameras, which are monitored by nearby officers inside.
"Don't be taken advantage of. Come to the Rockland County Sheriff's Office or other places that designate meet up spots that are videotaped. And do your transactions there in safety," he says. 
Enter your ZIP code at and you can find out where to go. 
The sheriff's office is one of two locations in Rockland County, according to the website.
"It's the way of the world now, social media and marketplaces. I honestly believe that more governments or more law enforcement entities should get involved. And make sure the people of their communities are kept safe," says Falco.   

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