Sen. Schumer calls on EPA to eliminate toxic chemicals in Rockland County water

New York Sen. Chuck Schumer is calling on the Environmental Protection Agency to take action against toxic chemicals known as PFAS.
Although they are not seen by the human eye, PFAs have been found in Rockland County water.

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“Right now, PFAS are still allowed in clothes, food packing and everyday products,” Schumer says.
The chemicals have been linked to health issues like birth defects and cancer.
The state recently tightened the limit of PFAS in drinking water to 10 parts per trillion, of which 16 wells in Rockland County exceed.
The issue isn’t just for Rockland.
“So we’re happy to say to EPA, ‘Enough is enough' It’s time to get to work and to take the first steps to eliminate the scourge of PFAS that’s all over New York,” Schumer says.
Suez Water is investing in upgrades to eliminate chemicals in Rockland’s water supply while also taking legal action against companies using those.
The water utility tells News 12 they fully support stricter guidelines.
The EPA tells News 12 that: "PFAS exposure results in serious public health concerns in communities across the country. EPA and this Administration share Senator Schumer’s concerns related to PFAS exposure. That’s why within weeks of being confirmed, Administrator Regan has taken swift action by issuing an updated PFBS Toxicity Assessment, began a process to develop a national primary drinking water regulation, and has voiced strong support for President Biden’s American Jobs Plan, which provides 10 billion dollars to monitor and remediate PFAS in drinking water among other activities. EPA is committed to listening to the public and working collaboratively with Congress, states, tribes, water systems, and local communities that have been impacted by PFAS to identify flexible and pragmatic approaches that will deliver critical public health protections."