Sen. Harckham reintroduces bill to make roads safer for cyclists

A state lawmaker wants to make roads safer for cyclist by requiring motorists to stay 3 feet away.
State Sen. Pete Harckham is hoping his Share the Road legislation reintroduced last week will help motorists and cyclists share the road safely.

It passed in the state Senate last year but failed to get approval in the state Assembly.
"Outside New York City, this would require motorist to give a 3-foot berth whenever safely possibly to cyclists who they share the road with," says Harckham. 
Some cyclist groups worry 3 feet isn't enough protection. Others say it's a step toward ensuring cyclists can pedal with some peace of mind.

"When we are cycling on the shoulder, a lot of debris rocks, objects get passed into the shoulder. So, those 3 feet can afford us some room to maneuver around something that comes up unexpectedly," says Brett Wheeler, of the Westchester Cycle Club.
The bill is now being reviewed in the state Senate Transportation Committee.

Some states have even stricter laws. Delaware, Kentucky and Nevada all require motorists to change lanes to safely pass a bicyclist when an adjacent lane is available