Sen. Carlucci pushes for gun control laws ahead of Tuesday vote

A state senator from Rockland County is lobbying to pass comprehensive gun control legislation in New York.
Sen. David Carlucci of the 38th District is planning to approve a gun law package that is up for vote in Albany on Tuesday.
Part of the legislation is an extension to the background check waiting period from three days to 10. It also includes a ban on the sale of bump stocks and 3D printers and it addresses New York's ability to review out-of-state health records. Other laws would prevent schools from arming teachers and require gun owners to have safe storage.
Carlucci also wants to pass a Risk Protection Act that would take guns out of the hands of people that have been deemed unsafe, a threat to themselves or to others.
The Rockland chapter of "Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense America" says it’s fully supportive of Carlucci.
"Our communities and our families and our schools will be safer," said Robin Brill.
Opponents of this legislation, like the NRA, say the laws infringe on Americans' right to bear arms and requiring safe storage or extending the waiting period could be deadly in self-defense situations.
The NRA also says there is no evidence that criminals use 3D printers to make undetectable guns and officials should instead focus their attention on sales on the black market.
Carlucci acknowledges that issue and plans to address it.
"People will go and try to get guns off the black market but we're going to do everything we can to equip our law enforcement community with the tools they need to go after the offenders and bring justice where it is needed," Carlucci says.
He also wants to make sure that people who shouldn't have a gun can get one legally.
Mass shootings at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida and Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas were carried out with legal purchases.