Eastchester superintendent on threats: ‘If you see something, say something’

Officials say Eastchester Middle School say recent statements made by students were considered threatening in nature, putting the community on edge just one week after the terrifying shooting at a Michigan school.
The district says there were no injuries or weapons found at the school – and its still unclear exactly what the statements were.
News 12 spoke with Dr. Rob Glass, the superintendent of Eastchester Schools, who encourages his students to speak up if they see something.
"It's really important for students and the community to understand the vital importance of — if you see something say something," said Dr. Glass. 
The superintendent says he's looking into how long it took for students to speak up about what they were hearing in the hallways.
“Our students are our eyes and our ears and really the clients that we serve, so their experience is very important for us," he said.
This comes just one week after devastating news out of Oxford, Michigan, a school shooting that hits too close to home for Eastchester's superintendent.
 "Our hearts go out to those at Oxford, I've lived and worked there for many years within about 10 or 15 miles of that site, so I'm familiar with it," said Dr. Glass.
Dr. Joseph Ricca, superintendent of White Plains Schools said, "It is critically important that you recognize that the decisions that you make on social media can have a lifetime impact on your trajectory moving forward."
This message comes after a White Plains High School student shared a photo of a gun on social media, and another student took a photo of what looked like a handgun -- captioning it, "Don't go to school tomorrow."
Both are said to be unfounded threats.
"This isn't just a message for White Plains, this is a message for America, we need to be smart, we need to make good decisions, and we need to make sure that we're assisting and supporting our children and kids, each other -- in making those positive decisions, said Dr. Ricca.