Scarsdale homeowners push for unusually high water bills to be fixed

Scarsdale homeowners are demanding answers from village officials about unusually high water bills they have received.
Joseph Lobono says he's never received a quarterly water bill for higher than a couple hundred dollars. So when he got a bill for $11,600 for three months of water service, it was surreal.
"If I'm going to get a bill like this all the time, I can't afford to have my house anymore,” Lobono says. “I've heard crazy, crazy things where people lose their houses over stuff like this. That's my concern."
Village officials say since these types of bills went out at the end of last week, they've been getting several calls and visits at Village Hall from residents asking about the high cost.
The village manager says staff reviewed the large bills on Tuesday and made adjustments and that they'll notify customers who are receiving an adjustment.
Gloria Del Vecchio says the highest water bill she had ever received was a little over $600, up until her most recent bill.
“I knew something was up….I got a $6,000 bill that I knew, that I hoped, was a mistake,” she says.
Del Vecchio says she stopped watering her lawn and her flowers after she first got the bill to cut down costs. But she says she realized it didn’t add up, as she’s the only resident in her home and doesn’t use much water on her own.
“It just doesn't stand to reason that this would be an appropriate bill during especially those three months. It's not even the bulk of the summer what we would go through. So, we'll see what happens. I hope someone gets back to me and we can rectify it,” Del Vecchio says.
In a release by village officials, they did not say what the root problem might be but they thanked residents for their patience as they work on a solution.