Sacred Heart hosts blood drive in honor of late 9/11 hero in Hartsdale

A Hartsdale community came together to honor one of its own and help others Sunday.
They hosted a blood drive in honor of local 9/11 hero Peter Woods, who lost his battle with cancer this past January.
Sacred Heart, where Woods was a longtime parishioner, says it hosted the blood drive to honor Woods and fight back against the current blood shortage across the nation.
Blood drives like these helped the former NYPD sergeant and Hartsdale fire commissioner prolong his life through leukemia.
"He told me that the only reason he was alive was because he received five units of blood from the selfless generosity of five strangers," says Woods' daughter, Anna Woods.
Woods battled a number of illnesses after heroically risking his life to save others during 9/11, something his family says was just a part of his selfless nature.
"He dedicated his life to helping others and making a difference. And that's what he used to tell us, we have to get MAD—M.A.D.—Make A Difference," his daughter says.
Woods ultimately passed from complications from leukemia on Jan. 9, but his legacy lives on, as dozens of community members showed up in support to donate blood in hopes of making a difference just as Woods did.
"I've met so many recipients and when you meet them and you know that they are genuinely counting on this blood to survive, how can you not be a blood donor?" says Christine Foran, manager of special events and projects for the New York Blood Center.
Foran also says that a five-to-10-day supply is needed, and that they're currently receiving only a one-to-two-day supply, so it's imperative that those who are able to donate do their best to help make a difference to help save lives.