Rye YMCA continues to rebuild a year since Hurricane Ida devastation

It has been a year since Hurricane Ida devastated the tri-state area and people, businesses and organizations continue to rebuild.
Among them is the Rye YMCA, a community hub along the Sound Shore.
The entire first floor, including the child care center, was destroyed during the floods. Nothing salvageable was left behind.
"We were getting ready to open, welcoming families in and then you kind of come in and your heart drops," says Rye YMCA child care director Liliana Gudino.
Staff and volunteers have worked tirelessly in the year since to get bring it back, ensuring no family would be left behind.
Next Wednesday, the next class of early childhood learners will be welcomed to a brand-new facility.
The flooding was devastating but the spirit of this group never wavered.
"It's a real lesson I think, in humility, and also in community and togetherness," says Rye YMCA CEO Sabrina Murphy. "Reopening childcare and reopening the studios in the Y was essential because it's an important place for the community to come to and they have essential services that are needed."
The new state-of-the-art facility has expanded from its earlier fitness space and opened in June.
"Our neighborhood and community rallied to support us and help us not only with the extension of this beautiful facility, but rebuilding our main location," says Rye YMCA member wellness coordinator Laura Laura.
Like many of those hit hard by the storm, the challenges are not over. The staff is still working with FEMA to try and recoup some money for the damages.
Of the rebuilding, the staff says it will not make the same mistake twice.
Most of the materials on the first floor here are made of stone or concrete to limit potential flooding damage. They are also still moving boilers and electrical panels to the roof as another mitigation measure.