Roll it or hit it at New City Bowl and Batting Cages

How about a road trip with a challenge? Head over to Rockland County where you can compete with your friends and work up a sweat at New City Bowl and Batting Cages!
"There is so much to do, and it's a fun place, we provide a safe environment, we have toddlers to senior citizens that bowl here," says owner Alice Lenna.
Bring your friends and choose from up to two dozen lanes to challenge them!
Whether you're moving up the ranks in competitions, or, maybe you're just trying to get out of the gutter - there's a lane for everyone. "When it comes to bowling, they have all the equipment, they have people here who can help if anyone is trying to hone in on their skills. But if people just want to come for fun...I have friends who bowled a 277 today and friends that bowl 77s when we come, but everyone has fun," says bowler Jessica Caivano.
And that goes for the ball — to the bat!
Once you reserve a spot, you're given all the gear you need to hit the batting cages. "We have 5 cages. So we have slow, medium and fast. Ours actually pitches with an arm it doesn't just come out of a hole, so it's more like real pitching," says Lenna.
Batting and bowling certainly work up an appetite! And you don't even have to leave for that! They've got snacks food and drinks to fuel you up on this Road Trip: Close to Home.