Rockland residents wonder why county wasn't included in Gov. Cuomo's task force

Some Rockland residents are wondering why the county, which has been one of the hardest hit by coronavirus, is not included in a new task force that was formed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to reimagine New York.
On Monday. Gov. Cuomo spoke out about how he hopes New York will grow out of this pandemic with better transportation, housing, safety, health systems, use of technology and social equality.
To achieve that, he announced a Reimagine New York task force made up of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and county executives from Long Island and Westchester.
Rockland County Executive Ed Day isn't' taking the exclusion to heart.
"Whatever I can do to help the state, I will do that. I won't be mired into petty little concerns as to who's playing what position on the field," said Day.
Day says he will continue to do whatever he can to serve the people, applying his law enforcement background and experience with the measles epidemic last year.
Rockland County residents tell News 12 they wish they were a part of the solution.
"It's definitely unfortunate that Rockland was left out, but I feel as if every county in the state should work together," says Spring Valley resident Daquan Scott.
Persia Noel, of New City, says she doesn't understand why Rockland wasn't a part of the plan.They both said though that they want New York to be safe when the outbreak ends.
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