Rockland pushes to get polio shots into arms of unvaccinated following case in county

Rockland County is pushing to get polio shots into the arms of unvaccinated residents after last week's announcement of a polio case in the county - the first in over a decade in the U.S.
Medrite once used its parking lot to vaccinate people against COVID-19. Now, Medrite is using it against an old threat that reemerged last week - polio.
So far, the urgent care facility in Spring Valley has given shots to a handful of people since starting Sunday.
It says it has enough polio vaccines to protect hundreds more at no cost to patients.
Rockland's Health Department has vaccinated a few dozen people against polio at its series of clinics, with another clinic happening this Friday at its Pomona building.
It comes after last week's news that an unvaccinated young adult recently ended up paralyzed from the virus.

There are no new details yet from the state or county health departments on their investigation into that case, while health experts work fast to stop polio once again.
To set up an appointment at Medrite for the county's next clinic this Friday, click here.