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Rockland mother’s life-saving story inspires others to learn CPR

<p>A Rockland County mom&rsquo;s story of using CPR to save her daughter&rsquo;s life is inspiring the community to teach the skill to as many people as possible.</p>

News 12 Staff

Jul 31, 2017, 1:12 AM

Updated 2,519 days ago


A Rockland County mom’s story of using CPR to save her daughter’s life is inspiring the community to teach the skill to as many people as possible.
Devorah Levitin of Pomona was visiting friends with her four daughters in Tennessee in June. The family was having dinner by a man-made pond when she realized her 4-year-old daughter Sophie was missing.
Sophie was then found unresponsive in the water and immediately brought to land where her mother began administering CPR, which she kept at for seven minutes until paramedics arrived.
Sophie was then brought to a hospital, and for three days the family didn’t know if she would survive. But after eight days in the hospital, she was released on the 4th of July to fly home to New York with her family.
Doctors told Devorah that if it wasn’t for her administering of CPR, her child wouldn’t have survived.
The family’s story is part of the reason Spring Hill Ambulance Corps is now trying to CPR certify as many people as possible.
Levitin was among the attendees at a CPR class on Sunday, where she brushed up on her knowledge after saving a life just a month earlier.
It is the ambulance corps’ 50th year, and they say their goal is to certify 500 people before 2018.

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