Rockland County Highway Department to respond to this weekend’s storm from new facility

The Rockland County Highway Department will be responding to this weekend’s snow for the first time out of a new facility.
News 12 got a tour of the new location on Scotland Hill Road in Chestnut Ridge.
The 24-acre property features multiple buildings including one that holds up to 10,000 tons of salt, one to wash their vehicles and equipment, another to house their fleet is bigger than a football field.
"We're prepared,” said Charles “Skip” Vezzetti, the superintendent of highways for Rockland County. “We haven't seen a snowstorm in a while and we're looking forward to it."
Now that they have everything they need in one place, this weekend’s weather will decide manpower.
Vezzetti tells News 12, "Based on what happens late on Friday, we will make a decision - putting our men on standby or not. Right now, it's not looking too bad. Looks like very light snow Saturday night and Sunday morning, but it can always change but we're prepared for that."
News 12 was told that the county's old highway facility in New City will be repurposed.