Rockland County Executive Day delivers State of the County address with theme of 'resiliency'

Rockland County Executive Ed Day delivered his annual State of the County address following a seven-month delay because of COVID-19.
The main theme of Monday night's address was 'resiliency' and how Rockland is coming out stronger through the pandemic. Much of Day's speech focused on how COVID-19 is affecting the county.
"We do not know exactly what awaits us, but I promise you this: we are resilient, and we are ready," said Day.
Day applauded the front-line workers who kept the county moving, the scientists at Pearl River-based Pfizer who manufactured the COVID-19 vaccine and the volunteers who gave their time to help people in need.
"When we come together – support each other and work to understand each other, there is no challenge we cannot overcome," said Day.
Fiscally, Day says years of conservative budgeting are now paying off.
Local unemployment has been cut in half from a high during the worst of the pandemic, the county's population and tax base are rising, and new businesses will invest roughly $1 billion toward the county's economy this year alone, Day said.
"Smart, sustainable development is the future of Rockland, and I will not stop fighting for it," said Day.
Day also said that the county is putting a lot of focus on housing code enforcement following a massive double fatal nursing home fire in Spring Valley this past March.