Rockland Community College library, student union closed 'until further notice' due to submerged transformer

A recent update on Facebook informed the community that repairs for water damage have led to the extended closure of these facilities until further notice.

Ben Nandy

Apr 16, 2024, 10:13 AM

Updated 32 days ago


Rockland Community College's library, bookstore and student union could have their electricity restored in a week, said a campus maintenance worker to students, "if we're lucky," following a flood in the building.
Campus staff and contractors are trying to salvage a transformer that was underwater on the bottom floor of the library Sunday evening due to the flood.
A campus spokesperson told News 12 a pump meant to keep groundwater from seeping into the building following storms stopped working over the weekend, leading to enough flooding inside to submerge the transformer on Sunday.
The transformer serves two buildings in the center of campus that house the library and student union.
Students arrived at the library with full backpacks Tuesday, but were greeted by maintenance workers who explained it will be closed 'until further notice.'
"It does throw me off," nursing student Hailey Cameros – who has a mathematics final to study for – said. "I go there to study a lot. [At] the libraries where I live, I don't have the access that I have here, especially since I'm a student and all the things are free."
Psychology major Gabriel Garcia said he often unwinds at the student union after class.
"We go to the game room like every other day, so yeah, we can't do that anymore," he said.
The college's spokesperson said a contractor has been trying to dry out the transformer; they will test it on Tuesday with hopes it is not irreparably damaged and the lights can be turned on soon after.

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