‘Right thing to do’: Gas tax holiday to help New Yorkers save at the pump

In a case of “every little bit helps,” New York's state tax gas holiday has begun and is set run through the end of this year.
As part of the budget, state lawmakers agreed to suspend New York's gas tax.
New York has a 16 cents a gallon tax, so without that, motorists will save about $2 on a 12 gallon fill-up.
A few Hudson Valley county governments will also be implementing a gas sales tax cap to run through the same window of time.
In Rockland County, the tax cap will go until the end of February and county officials say they will be closely watching prices at gas stations. "It's called the right thing to do," says Rockland County Executive Ed Day. "We want to make sure that the savings that are supposed to be passed along to the consumers are, in fact, done so. We will compare what we saw last week, and compare what we see this week. "
Rockland County will cap sales tax to apply on the first $2 per gallon through February 2023. Going off current prices, the county estimates people can see 8 cents in savings.
Dutchess, Westchester, and Ulster counties have similar gas tax caps beginning today.
"I really encourage our federal government to do what we did in the state and cut the federal gas tax at least for a period of time and provide some additional relief," says state Sen. James Skoufis (D-39th District).