Richmond Community Services holds ribbon-cutting Workforce Media Training Studio in Mount Kisco

The organization provides support to people with developmental disabilities and their families.

Jade Nash

Dec 6, 2023, 1:57 AM

Updated 227 days ago


Staff at Richmond Community Services, like Dennis Rosenfeld, provide support of all types to individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families.
"One of the facets of what we do here can be to provide pre-vocational training [to those] looking for gainful or competitive employment," Rosenfeld said.
So, officials said they opened up their new workforce media training studio on Tuesday to give the people they serve a chance to get high-paying jobs in the media field.
"Unfortunately, there's a stigma, where the people who we support, with intellectual and developmental disabilities, ...may be associated with food centers, or shopping carts, and greeting people where there's a fallacy that-- that's just where their capacity lies," Rosenfeld said.
Candidates haven't been picked for the training just yet since the program is still being perfected. However, staff said they want to provide a comprehensive experience to their talent.
"They can learn how to operate cameras, they learn how to operate different devices in the control room, also set up, organization," says Claudius Johnson, the chief human resources officer.
Staff from the center also told News 12 that they plan to offer up the space to other businesses in the area who need to make media or advertising content.

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