Ribbon-cutting held on new home for paralyzed Middletown teen

City officials and several businesses cut the ribbon on a $400,000 handicap-accessible home for a paralyzed Middletown teen on Thursday.
News 12 was there as Sky Mendoza got a look at her new home for the first time.
Mendoza was paralyzed from the neck down in a 2018 car crash in the Bronx. She also lost her step-mother in the crash.
The city donated the lot, and several developers and nonprofits did free work and raised funds, so the Mendoza's wouldn't have to pay a thing.
The family says moving from their small apartment to the house will change their lives.
"The space is big enough for family, friends and nurses, so she'll be able to do a lot in here with the space that she has," said Sky's father Orlando Mendoza.
Her mother says they just need to furnish it and then they are moving in.