Retired NYPD officer accused of attacking officer during Capitol riot ordered held without bail

A former NYPD officer is facing multiple charges for allegedly attacking a Washington, D.C. police officer during last month's deadly riot.
Federal prosecutors say Thomas Webster used a metal flagpole to attack a police officer who was protecting the Capitol.
He was arraigned in White Plains earlier on Tuesday.
In addition to being a retired NYPD officer, Webster also served in the Marines. He's a resident of Florida, New York.
Prosecutors released photos Tuesday that they say shows the attack on the police officer by Webster. His weapon was a pole with the Marine Corps flag attached.
They say video that was caught on a police officer's body camera shows him shouting at the officer.
Court documents say Webster shoved a metal gate into the officer, raised the flagpole, knocked away the barrier and then whacked the officer numerous times.
The officer wrestled the pole away, tried to run away, but prosecutors say Webster charged at the officer, tackled him and then assaulted him.
The court documents include images from social media showing Webster trying to rip off the officer's face shield and gas mask.
The officer told investigators that he couldn't breathe and was choked by his own chin strap.
In an arraignment that took place in White Plains that News 12 could listen in on but not record, Webster's lawyer said his client was attacked by the officer first and will plead not guilty.
Prosecutors say they have reviewed more than a half-hour of body camera video from the assaulted officer and called Webster's claim a "fabrication" and an "incredibly self-serving statement.
Before News 12 learned Webster was a retired NYPD member, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was asked about officers being involved in the Capitol insurrection.
He said there's no evidence of any active officers being there, but some retired members.
Thomas Webster is facing six charges, including assaulting a police officer with a dangerous weapon and multiple charges about violently entering the Capitol grounds.
A federal judge denied Webster bail, deeming him a threat to the community.
Another virtual hearing is expected in the coming days.