Residents: Yorktown parks are unusable and dangerous

Yorktown residents say some of their parks are unusable and even dangerous.
Matt Slater, who is challenging Ilan Gilbert for town supervisor of Yorktown, says this has been a problem at many of the town's 31 parks for over a year.
At Blackberry Woods Park on Marcy Street in Mohegan Lake, people have to weave through overgrown trees and grass to reach part of the park, which leads to a tennis court.
"I've talked to the homeowners on the other side of the street, no one uses this," says Slater. "There's been reports of coyotes and of course we have to worry about ticks."
One slide is warped, equipment is rusted and benches are covered with overgrown weeds.
At Shrub Oak Park on Sunnyside Street in Shrub Oak, cinder blocks and gravel fill what are supposed to be tennis courts.
On Facebook, one woman said the grass at Blackberry Woods once reached 3-to-4 feet. Another said her kids came home covered in ticks after playing in another park.
Slater says this is because Gilbert hasn't sent crews to maintain the parks. However, Gilbert told News 12 over the phone the large amount of rainfall this year set them back.
"We've completed work on a number of our facilities to date and now that seasonal workers have reported for duty, we will accelerate that rate of preparing our facilities used by our residents," Gilbert said.
News 12 is told many of the concerns residents have will be addressed as early as this week.