Residents express parking enforcement concerns in South Blooming Grove

Some residents in South Blooming Grove are voicing concerns with how the village’s street parking rules are being enforced. 
They sent News 12 a dozen photos of cars, trucks, vans and buses that they say were seen parked near a grocery store and on various village streets this winter during the municipality’s seasonal street parking ban. 
“We have delivery trucks and customers parking, loading and unloading in the middle of the street, but it happens all over the village,” says lifelong resident Joe Favia. “You see construction sites all over the place. There are residents that park in the middle of the road. It’s a pervasive issue and it’s been going on for a while.” 
Street parking is prohibited in the village from Nov. 1 – April 15, according to village street signage.
“I know there’s been multiple calls to the police department and they refuse to do anything about it. I would just like the law enforced for everybody,” Favia says. 
News 12 reached out to village Mayor George Kalaj about the concerns. 
“Thank you for reaching out, and for always keeping a close eye on our village,” Kalaj said. “Parking enforcement is a police matter. I will make sure that they are aware of this.” 
The Blooming Grove Police Department says it is issuing parking tickets, but that they're often dropped after "special use" permits, allowing on-street parking exceptions, are issued by the village board.
The police department says they have issued 135 tickets since Nov. 1.
Blaise Gomez reporting from Thursday January, 18, 2024