Reported computer glitches push back state testing

Computer-based testing for students has been halted statewide after numerous reports of technical issues popped up in places, including Yonkers.
The New York State Department of Education canceled the computerized tests Tuesday and Wednesday as the state works with contractor Questar Assessment on a solution. Students says they had trouble submitting tests and others said they even lost their answers.
"It like said, something's wrong and we had to keep putting 'try again, try again,'" says third-grader Izabella Rivas-Santiago.
The New York State United Teachers union says there were similar problems last year that they hoped would have been fixed.
"We are appalled that students are going through this again this year," says Jolene DiBrango, executive vice president of New York State United Teachers. "The same exact issues existed last year, and we were really clear then that computer-based testing needed to halted or be fixed."
The state Department of Education says it will extend the testing period as a result.