Rep. Maloney under fire over social media comments made by new worker

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney is under fire, and it's not because his new hire is an ex-convict and a former gang member.
Dyjuan Tatro was recently hired by Maloney to be a senior advisor for diversity and inclusion as part of the congressman's new role as head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.
Tatro has confessed to dealing drugs, shooting two rival gang members and committing assault. He also served two years in prison. However, that's not what has him and Maloney in hot water.
According to Republican Assemblyman Colin Schmitt, Tatro labeled Capitol police officers on social media as white supremacists. Schmitt also says Tatro made comments about the rioting over the summer.
"To say that looting is an acceptable form of protest is something that was supported by this individual," says Schmitt. "It's unacceptable. It goes against the values of our district and thousands of the men and women who serve in uniform in our district."
Maloney was unable to talk to News 12, but a statement from the Orange County Democrats states in part, "Colin Schmitt sent busloads of people down to Washington, D.C. on Jan. 6 to participate in a violent riot incited by former President Trump's big lie that the election was stolen – a lie which Schmitt has still not denounced. Colin Schmitt has no credibility on this issue."