Rep. Maloney kicks off campaign for NY’s 17th Congressional District

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney has decided to leave his current congressional district to run for a seat in New York’s new 17th Congressional District.

News 12 Staff

Jul 9, 2022, 8:27 PM

Updated 743 days ago


Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney has kicked off his campaign run for New York’s new 17th Congressional District.
“I've been elected five times because my neighbors see me doing the work.  And I got a two-year contract and you should look at the work I've done already for infrastructure, for building bridges and roads, for getting barges off the Hudson River, for getting PCPs out of the Hudson River, for protecting our beautiful open space here, for making sure that prescription drug costs are lower, protecting social security, Medicare,” Maloney said to kick off his campaign. 
“You can take a look at the work I’ve done in Congress and know what you’re going to get,” Maloney added.

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