Remembering late Gov. Florio’s legacy of spearheading superfund law

While he is remembered most for his term as New Jersey governor, one of Jim Florio's proudest and most lasting achievements came when he served in Congress. It was the federal Superfund Law of 1980.
As a congressman, Florio wrote and spearheaded the landmark legislation that spurred the cleanup of hundreds of environmentally contaminated sites nationwide.
In his autobiography, "Standing on Principle" Florio called passage of the law the most difficult legislative battle he waged on either the state or federal level. He had no idea New Jersey would wind up with more sites identified for cleanup than any other state.
"I wish I could brag that I introduced the superfund legislation because I knew my constituents back home would be its primary beneficiaries," he wrote. "I didn't."
New Jersey still has more than 100 sites on the superfund list. Thirty-six sites have been cleaned up, some turned into parks or redeveloped.
On today's "Brian's Positively New Jersey" Brian visits one of those sites in Bound Brook to illustrate a key part of Florio's legacy many have forgotten.